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Welcome to Capelli Bliss Hair Salon

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about one of the best hair salons in Charleston, centrally located in North Charleston since April 2006. Throughout our site we hope to convey our love of hair to you. Whether we are formulating beautiful hair color or finding hair shapes just for you, we think you’ll agree our artists will formulate a plan for success tailored just for you.

Hair is an important part of you and your overall appearance. You can change your clothes or makeup easily enough. Your hair on the other hand is there day after day. What does it say about you? Hair should be an asset to your appearance not a distraction!

Our artists have a passion for creating beautiful hair that will not cost you a small fortune. We have a variety of prices fitting most any budget. All are trained professional cosmetologists licensed by the state of South Carolina. Consultations are always important! Anytime you sit with one of our hair stylists you will go through a hair service consultation. Without it you run the risk of the end result not meeting your expectations.

Each service begins with a consultation whether you are a new or returning guest wanting a little change. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you communicate with your stylist. Creating beautiful hair is an important aspect of a successful hair salon and, maintaining that beautiful hair style or color in between visits is equally important.

Knowledge is power and we believe in product knowledge! There is always home maintenance and products to help you maintain your look. We have plenty of hair products that will help you maintain your color, style and overall look with a money back guarantee.

Our hours of business are also suitable for most schedules.  You can receive a haircut as late as 7 in the evening or as early as 9 in the morning.  Our schedules fill in quickly, especially in the evenings so call 843-747-5151 for a free consultation and reserve your time today.